What I Know About The Capricorn Month Of January

I am not one of those people who are really big on astrology, but I have learned a few things in all my years on Earth. I know two people who were born during the Capricorn month of January and they are alike in many ways. This leads me to believe that there are some common traits shared by those who were born around this time of year.

One thing I can say about both of these people is the fact that they are very serious. While they have slight wit and have the ability to have fun with others, they tend to be serious more often than not. This is a great quality to have, especially when it comes to finances. They are not known for squandering their money on things that mean very little. They consider each purchase carefully and they try their best to determine if there is really a need for it.

According to Celtic astrologer Angharad Reese, People born during the Capricorn month of January are very demanding when it comes to others. Since they tend to be perfectionists and expect a lot of themselves, it is not very surprising that they have high standards for others as well. When the unreasonable goals they set for themselves and others are not met, they tend to sulk and walk around like the entire world has fallen down on them.

As far as relationships go, Capricorns are one of the most faithful signs of the zodiac. Once they find someone they feel is worth marrying, they are fiercely loyal and do everything they can to ensure that things work. In many cases, Capricorns choose a mate, get married after careful consideration and they remain married until the end of days. They are not fickle at all when it comes to matters of the heart.

It is hard for Capricorns when it comes to the work environment. Their air of superiority makes it difficult for others to like them. It is also hard to work under someone who is a Capricorn because they are not likely to take advice from others when they are in positions of authority. This can make the work environment very strained.

I have no idea whether all of these things apply to those who were born in December, but I am sure at least some of it does. Even if you are not a strict follower of the zodiac, this may help you understand someone who is in your life or one who you have yet to meet.