How To Pursue Leo Men: The Things That Leos Love

According to leading relationship astrologer Marcus Lee, Leos are very generous, and they can be very entertaining to be around. A lot of women are drawn to their inner strength and charisma.

With that said, you’ll have to use the right kind of techniques if you are trying to capture a Leo’s heart. Here are a few tricks that you should use when pursuing Leo men.

1. Give Him A Chance To Show Off

Leo men love to have the chance to show off for people. Because of this, one of the best ways to approach a Leo man is to ask for his help with something.

If you’re taking a class together, and you know that he excels at this subject, you may want to ask him to tutor you. If you’re lost, you should ask him to give you directions.

When Leos have the opportunity to show off for others, they feel amazing. If you give a man lots of chance to show off, he will start to associate those amazing feelings with you.

2. Get Him Alone

Like many men, Leos behave differently when you can interact with them one-on-one. While Leo men may appear to be confident, they actually have a lot of doubts.

If you talk to a Leo when he is on his own, you may be able to get him to open up with you. If you can show that you appreciate him, warts and all, he may start to see a romantic future with you.

3. Don’t Upstage Him

Leos are competitive by nature, and they don’t always like to lose. If a Leo loses to you at a game or a contest, they won’t have an outward negative reaction. However, it is likely that they will have a lot of negative feelings about what happened.

Try to avoid upstaging the man that you’re pursuing. If you’re in social situations, you should let him be the one to shine. If someone asks a question, and you know he knows the answer, you should let him be the one to help them out.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Him Out

Some men feel threatened when a woman asks them out. However, Leos are more than happy to be asked out by women. For men under this sign, being pursued by a woman in this way is a positive thing.

If you are interested in a Leo man, let him know about it. Once you’ve spent some time around each other, you should make your move and let him know how you feel. If he feels the same way about you, he should respond in a very positive way.

Now that you know how to pursue Leo men, you can start working to win over the man that you are interested in. Leos tend to be popular with men and women alike, so you will want to move quickly. If you hesitate, you could wind up losing him to someone else.