Using Nlp In Business

NLP has been around since the 70’s yet only a few advanced training companies train corporates in the use of NLP In Business.

It’s amazing that a set of communication skills as taught in NLP are not more openly used in a Business setting.

I have been training NLP for more than 10 years now and I originally looked to learn these skills for business. I wasn’t back then interested in becoming a life coach or even a trainer of NLP.

I wanted to learn NLP to give me an edge, to make me more persuasive as a manager and in a sales environment.

And it worked! There are so many applications for NLP in Business. I find it surprising that very few seem to have capitalised on it.

I have been training and coaching with NLP in business all the way back to 2007 when I first became a NLP trainer. Though I was using some of the tools and concepts from around 1998 when I first became a general manager.

I was in the printing industry and ran a large commercial printing company in Wellington New Zealand. The printing industry then and now was highly competitive and at first it was a struggle. I had been a printer since 1979 and I was very good at that. But managing and selling was a completely different ball game.

That’s when I first started studying people like Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, Wyatt Woodsmall and Tad James. The little nuggets of gold I learnt from these books and audio sets inspired me. They also started to develop and help me deliver far better results.

Because that was my original focus and because I sought out the best NLP in Business trainer which at the time was Tad James. I have always got the subtle cross over between therapy and business coaching.

The way I look at it, is all coaching is therapy and all therapy is coaching. The only difference is when it is in a business setting we don’t ever mention therapy. In-fact in the business sector I don’t even use the label of NLP.

NLP is all about language and communication so it stands to reason there are many ways to language a process. What I teach is NLP but it doesn’t need to be called that.

When using NLP in business all the work that I do comes under the umbrella of performance based coaching.

Language is the very first thing a business manager, sales manager or customer service manager needs to be taught. How to listen to and utilise the structure of language.

Their own language, the language of their staff and ultimately the language of their clients.

Language represents reality in the mind. So what reality do you want your client to have when you speak to them. And what reality does your client believe to be true when you listen to them.

I’m sure even with that simple paragraph you can easily see the power of using NLP in Business.

The leverage and influence that you can easily tap into quickly becomes clear.

Then there is rapport, sensory awareness, state control, and conversational hypnosis. As well as predicate preferences, utilising strategies and values. Along with non awareness and presuppositions and that’s just to name a few of the tools you can use.

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